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Do What You Can Do!

This year, don’t just do what you’ve always done, unless you are successful in every area of your life, have everything you ever wanted and are perfectly content with who you are. It’s up to you to stretch your limits, discover your possibilities and reach for the best in yourself.  It’s up to you to… Read More ›


How I miss lying under the stars at night, dreaming of what the next day will bring.  Our thoughts, our dreams begin, then grow with work and time.  I miss the innocent days when dreams came so easily and life was full of possibilities.  Nothing has really changed, except that I got older, the magic… Read More ›

Feeling Fear and Going Forward

Funny thing, fear, it can freeze you where you are at times, but there will always be fear and challenges in life.  Fear can be felt in so many different ways and sometimes it is so disguised that we don’t really realize that is what it is until we take the time to really look… Read More ›

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