A Bit of Magic – Just For Fun

I remember as a kid lying up on the roof of the house, or the hood of the car, or even in the yard under a tree and staring up at the clouds making the shapes of them take the form of bunnies, cars, and whatever else we could find if we looked hard enough.

There’s a bit of magic in noticing how the light plays on the clouds, creating images.  So many times we’ve seen angels hovering, and fairies hiding in the clouds as well as other images that make us stop and smile.

This morning, I took a picture, then stared at it and had to smile at the huge dragon that was staring back at me from the clouds.  It made me thankful again for imagination and the wonder of moving clouds.  What a magical way to start the day.  Can you see the dragon?  In the year of the dragon that’s a sign of good luck.

Cherry Coley (c)