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One Lovely Blog Award


May 2012
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One Lovely Blog Award

I am so happy and humbled to receive this award from Beth at http://definitelyleopard.com  her blog is about life, having fun and lots of great recipes!!  She has a great sense of humor and an obvious love for her family. 
The rules to receiving this Lovely Blog Award are as follows:
Create a link to the sight of the person who gave you the award. See above…check!
Write 7 random facts about yourself. See below…check!!
1) I love to meet new people, don’t care where they’re from or what their background is – just love to meet them.
2) I have a weakness for animals.  I suppose I inherited that from my dad since he pretty much let us keep it if it followed us home.
3)I just started drinking coffee about 3 years ago.  I always loved the smell of it, but never found any that tasted like it smelled.  Thank goodness they have flavored creamers!! 
4) I love to bake.
5) I love to travel – and greatly miss being able to just get in the car and go, stupid gas prices!!  grrr!
6)  I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up.  In my defense, life seems to be evolving each day.  I love art and writing, love to coach people, other than that – it’s all just going to unfold as it goes along I guess.
7) I’ve always wanted to go in a Buddhist temple and wonder if they allow women to visit.  I really have to find out this summer.  lol
And finally, create links to some blogs that you think are worth reading …here you go, take a moment and check them out, you may find you like them too!!
 http://cookwithkathy.wordpress.com/  – so much wonder information!
http://organizedlivingessentials.com/ – More than just a blog about organization, a beautiful perspective from a great lady!
http://shianwrites.wordpress.com/ – Shauna Jackson – author, blog about life, writing and inspiration.
http://holessence.wordpress.com/ – blog about healing and inspiration
http://trikatykid.wordpress.com/ – a blog about the journey of life 
http://reflectionsinapuddle.wordpress.com/ – amazing blog about life’s journey, photo’s, and different perspectives.
http://sojournerspace.wordpress.com/ – a terrific blog that will make you think and pause to smile, laugh, feel
http://ladyromp.com/ – inspirational blog about the empowerment of women
http://vdcoleman.wordpress.com/ – a blog about reinventing yourself and some wonderful perspective and inspiration
These are just a few of the wonderful blogs I’ve had the pleasure to read and visit.  There are so many!! 
Cherry Coley (c)

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5 Responses »

  1. Thank you so much….. I am honored!
    I wil follow the rules per this award tomorrow morning.

    Love ya

  2. Congratulations! You totally deserve this award. Your blog is LOVELY!
    Thank you so much for nominating my humble puddle… Things are crazy busy for me, and I may not have the time to post the award on my blog, but I really, really appreciate being nominated by you. Thank you! 🙂

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to YOU and thank you for nominating my blog.

  4. Congratulations my friend!
    And thank you so much for including my blog in your list. I am honored, and encouraged!
    God bless you always, your blogging ministry, and your blogging friends!

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