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Month: February 2012

What Luck! A Black Cat!

Photo by Cherry Coley About two years ago we had a new addition to our family.   It wasn’t really a well thought out thing, it just happened.  You see, I have an enormous weakness for black cats.  I just love them.  I have had many of them through out my life and they are different… Read More ›

Journals and Creativity

I used to want a diary so bad when I was growing up, the kind with a little lock and a key.  My mom finally bought me one, but it proved to be a mistake.  She would sneak in and read it when she felt like it and then would start asking me questions about… Read More ›

EEEK!! Bad Grammar Headache!

Okay, I will admit that the other day I posted a blog and then read it later in the day and realized that I really had not edited it very well.  It bothered me so bad that I couldn’t rest well until I went back and edited and changed a few things to make it… Read More ›

Walking in the Darkness

photo by Casey Keal   People handle grief in all kinds of different ways.  Not only that, but there are cycles to it and a process of healing that you go through that is intense and just plain hurts. When you lose someone you were close too, a hole is ripped in your heart.  There’s… Read More ›

Playing in the Park

Childhood Memories

I grew up in a part of Dallas, Texas called Urbandale.  The elementary school we went to, was called Urban Park Elementary and was at one time a military school for boys.  There is still a historical marker at the school, though the original building has somewhat been swallowed up by portable buildings and a… Read More ›

What If Life Were Like A Cartoon?

  I’ve often thought how much fun it would be if life were like a cartoon.  Just think of it!  You could flush yourself down the toilet or jump off a bridge and be flattened when things got too dramatic, then stick your thumb in your mouth and re-inflate.  You could do all manner of… Read More ›

Happy Valentines Day

To be honest, Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite holiday. Charlie Brown and I share a lot of the same experiences, although, I think he beat me in not getting a single one. I was always a little mad at Snoopy for not giving him a Valentine; after all he DID feed the dog…. Read More ›

A Word About English

I think it is funny how many people want to demand that people from other countries and nationalities “learn the English language.”  Oh some are quick to judge and haughtily say that if “they” are going to live and work here then “they” should speak our language.  May I stop right there a moment and… Read More ›

A Candle in the Dark

Have you ever had to ride out a storm, you know the real one’s?  Have you ever found yourself huddled down and somewhat fearful in the wake of an impending hurricane, flood or tornado?  I have ridden out several Texas twisters and even had them touch down just a block or so from where we… Read More ›

Self Reflection with a Taste for Chocolate

  When I was a child, I was allergic to dairy and chocolate.  Or at least that’s what the doctor said.  I couldn’t drink milk, but half and half didn’t bother me in small amounts.  I wasn’t allowed to have chocolate as it was believed that this contributed to me having asthma attacks.  So until… Read More ›

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