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Month: December 2011

A Word About Legacies

I have made my niche in Life Coaching about inspiring people to create their legacies.  I continue to believe that this is so very important.  I had asked my mom and dad repeatedly to write down or even record the stories from their childhood and life together.   They never really got around to it, but mom… Read More ›

Christmas Joy

I love my children.  Lindsey, my youngest daughter drew me a picture of Charlie Brown and Snoopy – freehand.  Since it is a Christmas picture, I plan on framing it and making it a Christmas decoration to bring out each year.  I love homemade presents!!  They are the best possible thing to give me because… Read More ›

A Dark Christmas

There are times in this life when the path grows dark and uncertain and the only choice is to keep walking, keep going, suck up your courage and keep trudging through the darkness.  It’s not a fun time, in fact there are times when it’s gut wrenching, painful and the sadness and hurt will literally bring… Read More ›

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We do not need to see in order to hear and feel.  These are the next best things.  Take heart, it’s not forever, only for a little human while.  I will be here to keep you company as long as possible.  – Pa Xiong  (c)

Mom, Did You Have To Go So Soon?

Oh mom, how much I will miss you. Your name was Ella, but you hated for anyone to know that.  You grew up in the hills of Arkansas with Wendell and Odell that were twins, and a sister named Marlene. Odell was gone at a very young age of 2 years old.  You often talked about… Read More ›

Lindsey vs. Santa – Gotta Love Christmas!

This is a story about my lovely, youngest daughter Lindsey.   My sister-in-law – Jamie once said (of Lindsey) – “That kid just oozes personality.”  I don’t think I will ever hear of a better description of Lindsey.  She did then and she still does “ooze personality.”  She is, like her sister, a completely different individual, who has from… Read More ›

Your Legacy, Have You Thought About It?

    Have you ever thought of what kind of legacy you’re leaving?  Definition of LEGACY 1: a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : bequest 2: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past the legacy of the ancient philosophers. –Miriam Webster   It’s… Read More ›

Brainstorming, Not Just For Business and School

So what’s the deal with brainstorming?  The term is used loosely all the time in offices, in groups, and in classrooms when there’s a project that has been assigned.  What about in families?  Brainstorming is great activity for families to learn to discuss, respect, listen and enjoy each other’s ideas.  It allows even the shyest… Read More ›

A Friend Indeed

When I was fifteen years old, I started working at B. Dalton Bookseller at Town East Mall.  I had worked at odd jobs up until then teaching toddlers to swim, teaching roller skating and being a teacher’s aide to three year olds at the daycare where my mom worked.  That year my mom became very… Read More ›

Need A Little Christmas – A Little Humor

Slightly different – but a good memory…..sort of. I just love Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. Actually, I guess I love the fall season, but Christmas is right up there for favorite holiday. I try to be sure to fit in little reminders of what Christmas is about into the mix. It… Read More ›

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