I was reading some articles this morning saying that erotica is now the most popular type of ebook selling.  It made me pause to think about that.  Really?  Erotica?  It must be the fascination with the “50 Shades of Grey” books.

 What does this mean to us as a society?  Does it mean great masses of people all want to escape into a wild, uninhibited sexual fantasy?  Perhaps this is the case.  It is interesting that action, mystery, horror, regular romance, Christian romance and science fiction are all taking a back seat.  I had to ponder why, but there are a few things that came to mind – just my personal opinion.

 First, even those people who don’t like to read much, or don’t have the ability to visualize much while reading might like erotica because well, it is very visual and mixes in all types of drama and emotion as well.  Erotica doesn’t generally take a lot of concentration to read like action, mysteries, science fiction, some romances, or horror novels.  Though I love each one of these genres, I confess my current bliss is running along the biography, autobiography, self-help and business book line at the moment. 

 So what is the draw to erotica?  As I see it we live in a world that is highly social on-line.  We socialize and meet people, touch-base and talk to them in person, on the phone and on-line, but the true physical interaction of going out to meet people is not even close to what it once was.  Even though in many ways we are more social and more connected as a society, we are often connected at the office or in our own homes, which can lead to a lot of highly connected, but sometimes lonely people. 

 Not only are we lonely, but in our highly stressed day and age, sometimes we just want a good escape from reality and though all the different genres do offer escape, perhaps erotica adds in that element of mixing wild passion, high stakes and risk without the real life worry about all the diseases and problems out there.  In a book you can create the environment the characters live in and erase the nightmares of reality or blow them up to epic proportions and make one of the characters a hero to save the day.

 One of the great things about ereaders like Kindle, Nook, ipad, and all the other devices that you can read on, is that it’s all private.  You can take whatever book you are reading to any location and read to be entertained or expand your knowledge without anyone else knowing what you are reading.  This leads me to think that while a lot of people might not seek out or venture to purchase an erotica book off the shelf of the local bookstore, they can download to their hearts content and no one is really the wiser. 

 I’m not knocking erotica by any means.  I think we have an amazing assortment of choices to choose from at any given time and with the ebooks ready, available and easy to download it has made my library expand to 3 times the size it once was, but it isn’t taking up my shelf or floor space any longer and it’s all portable.

 All that being said, I have come to really love and sink into the ebook for so many reasons, the least of which is that I am getting to read and enjoy the works of new authors that might never have been published had they been made to submit and struggle through the hoops of publication from a publisher, and seasoned authors who are finding it enjoyable to release ebook singles and series.  Granted there have been some books that are not that informative or up to standard, but for the most part the books I have read have had useful and up to date information. 

 I am thankful for this technological age and encourage people to expand their horizons, read some things they’ve never read before, touch base with some new authors, make new friends and take advantage of the information age, but don’t forget to go out in the sunshine, spend time meeting friends and get out of the house and office now and then too, heck you can take your ereader with you. ha.

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A Sampling of Creme

I did a demonstration of Philadelphia’s Cooking Creme’s today.  In an electric skillet, I added a little water, a 16 oz. bag of frozen vegetables, a package of Oscar Meyer grilled chicken pieces, Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, and a package of Philadelphia’s Cooking Creme.

This combination actually produced a pretty tasty meal in about 8 minutes.  The people walking by trying the samples really liked it, so much that many stopped to buy the products.  The kids that tried the samples wanted more.

I tried the Santa Fe Cooking Creme with mixed vegetables and brown rice.  At home I am going to add some black beans to this, along with some diced, cooked onions and jalapeno’s.  I kept thinking of different recipes to try with these creme’s while standing there.  They are really good and they are creamy, not clumpy or thick like regular cream cheese

If you’re looking for a little something different to try, that is quick and easy, then you might want to try this and see what you think.  The little containers of Cooking Creme have a recipe on the back of them. 

Cherry Coley (c)

Fun With Kindle

My oldest daughter gave me my very first Christmas gift (that she bought with money she earned from her first job) this last Christmas.  It was a Kindle!  I had been kind of toying with the idea of getting a Kindle for a while since I have always been a reader and love all kinds of books.

I found the Kindle reading application on Amazon for free last October and downloaded it to my laptop.  I started out just kind of perusing all the titles out there and decided to try some of the free books first because I’m just not really much of a gambler.  I like to try things out and see if I like them before just plunging in and taking off with something new.

Being a person that worked at a bookstore for 8 ½ years I can tell you I had my doubts.  I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about reading full books and such on an electronic device, which is kind of an odd notion since I catch up on news, read blogs and all kinds of articles on computer anyway.  Then I held back because I like the “feel” of books.  There’s just something about holding the paper, feeling the pages, and using bookmarks what can I say?  So I held back for a long time before just trying things out.

Needless to say after downloading the books from Amazon on my laptop, I was pretty hooked.  After all, one thing about electronic books is that they can be interactive; which is just not something you can get from a paperback or hardback book.  You can find links to references, other books, blogs, or even moving illustrations.  Okay, so I was hooked pretty much from the moment I tried the Kindle app.

Then at Christmas Casey gave me a Kindle.  I now have close to 160 books on my Kindle with all kinds of different subjects, including cookbooks, a calendar, and a few games.  I just love my Kindle!  It’s great for the knowledge seekers like me who wind up reading 4-5 books at a time.  Amazon also lets you sync your library from laptop to Kindle so that the titles are available on both, which I love!  Now I want the Kindle Fire because it’s a bit more interactive and has touch screen features, but I will wait a bit for my upgrade. 

I buy items from Amazon a lot as well, it’s not the only on-line shopping network I use, but it is usually the first place I look for some things.  So I looked into the Amazon Prime and joined that too.  I took my time to think about it because it is $79.00 per year, but you can check out books from the Prime lending library for free, and if you watch they have special prices on all sorts of items and free delivery on many others.  After calculating things out, I decided it was well worth the investment.  I have already saved $25.00 from using Prime so I know it will pay for its self in no time at all.

So if you have not checked out the reading applications yet and are still hesitant about the idea, then try it out on your phone or computer first to see what you think.  Yes, I realize I am a bit slow, but I also know I am not the only one, so I thought I would share.

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“Hunger Games” – Just My Take

I took some time off from all the moving, painting chaos on Friday night and went to see “Hunger Games” with Lindsey.  So, I thought I would do a brief review. 

 First, I will say that the movie is visually amazing.  We did not go see the 3D version, but I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing it in 3D.  The concept while, I admit, is a bit disturbing to have children ages 12-18 years, picked two from each of the twelve districts to compete and fight to the death until there is one lone survivor, is not so far-fetched.

 I think the author did an excellent job of reminding us of our humanity and that if we are not careful it can quickly become sadistic and mean all in course of what is considered good entertainment.  In fact, we as humans have run down these trails before.  I thought of this all day on Saturday parts and pieces of that movie and storyline haunted me.

 Think of the first Olympics – created first to honor the 12 Olympian Gods, combining tests of mind, body, spirit and the victors being treated like heroes with a crown of olive branches placed on their heads.  Those Olympic games all but went away when Rome conquered Greece and Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them in 393 AD saying they were pagan cults.

 With the Romans came the Gladiators entertaining audiences in bloody battles against other Gladiators, wild animals, condemned criminals and finally Christians.    These games were celebrated in high and low art forms and were considered great entertainment in their day.  It was a way to entertain the masses and to enforce governmental control as if you were convicted you could wind up in the arena.

 Then you had Germany who tried to instill the Aryan Games as a replacement for the Olympics.  Hitler had decided that once Germany conquered the world, they would have no choice but to send their athletes to Deutsch’s Stadion which was to hold 400,000 spectators. 

 All this aside, as disturbing as Hunger Games is in its story line with children fighting elements and each other, and a government taking wagers on who would survive, taking steps to control the game by adding fires and tweaking the elements to make it more interesting, or bring different contestants together, and above all keep the peace by using fear to control the different districts, it still serves as a fictionalized reminder of how close we’ve come to this very thing in the past and may perhaps prevent us traveling down this road in reality in the future.

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