History 2011-2013
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Today I am thankful for glitter and sparkly decorations.  I just love glittery things.  You can add a little glitter on something and it just becomes fun.

 I used to love buying the glittery t-shirts, when you put them on the glitter would somehow wind up on your skin and hair making you look like a faery got ahold of you at some point.

 When we were in pre-school and kindergarten it was vital to have glitter to work on crafts with for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  You have to have glitter to make your artwork stand out.

 We still like glitter on our Christmas tree and ornaments.  We add white glitter to make figurines and ornaments look like there is snow.  There are even greeting cards with glitter added in to give them that little extra something to grab your attention and make you smile. 

 Little girls love glitter on hair bows, purses, and shoes.  There are whole collections of glittery sticker designs. 

 Humans have had a love of glitter since ancient Egypt where they used the ground up iridescent shells of beetles as part of their cosmetics.  Even before that there is evidence select minerals were used in prehistoric times for cosmetics.  Glitter as we know it was born in America after WWII by a cattle farmer named Ruschmann who found a market for scrap material ground into glitter made of plastics.

I love glitter because there’s just something about it that makes you think of magic and it makes me smile.  I love glitter because it’s pretty!  Today be thankful for glitter. 

Cherry Coley ©

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Life is a gift, not to be wasted or taken for granted. I believe life is a journey, that we are put here for a purpose that each of us has to discover within ourselves. Each day we are given is a new opportunity to seize the moments, the experiences that make up our individual journey. I have seen my share of storms along the way, but have learned that with faith and good friends, there is nothing that you can’t face, learn from, and come out growing stronger from the experience. I have many interests, hobbies and passions. Writing, art, and expanding my knowledge about why people believe what they do, including studying different religions and cultures, becoming a Life Coach, practicing Reiki, and spending time with my girls, are some of my passions. Interests include: studying history, science, physics, walking/running, learning yoga, Pilates, trying new recipes, finding new and interesting places to visit, spending time with friends, learning new ways of doing things, guitar, piano, writing songs, photography, and painting and so much more than I could name here. I enjoy meeting new people, trading stories, ideas and sharing experiences. I love going to plays and concerts, and encouraging others to be their best while finding myself along the way. Cherry Coley (c)

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